Throughline is an artist-run space that showcases a diverse range of contemporary art and programming. It is home to a collective group of artists, well known nationally and internationally, who have received numerous prestigious awards and grants and whose work is featured in various major collections. Throughline believes that artist-run spaces are vibrant epicenters of creativity, fueling the artistic landscape with innovation and freedom of expression. These unique venues are established and operated by artists themselves, providing a supportive environment for fellow artists to showcase their work outside the traditional gallery system. Artist-run spaces often prioritize experimentation and collaboration, fostering a sense of community and a spirit of exploration. These spaces act as incubators for emerging talent, allowing artists to take risks and push boundaries. With their grassroots approach and emphasis on inclusivity, artist-run spaces challenge conventional norms, enabling artists to bring their visions to life in unconventional and thought-provoking ways. These dynamic spaces not only nurture artistic growth but also contribute to the diversity and richness of the cultural tapestry. 


Throughline is a network of artists committed to providing exhibition space free of the constraints of the traditional gallery model. Throughline’s culture empowers artists to develop their creative and professional ambitions, continuously culminating in a wide range of events, from art shows to educational programs, to cooperative partnerships with diverse organizations. Throughline believes that the empowerment of artists is a transformative force that transcends the boundaries of mere creativity. When artists are empowered, they are liberated to express their deepest thoughts, emotions, and perspectives with unwavering authenticity. It grants them the confidence to challenge conventions, defy societal norms, and push the boundaries of artistic expression. Through their work, empowered artists have the power to ignite conversations, provoke introspection, and inspire change. This empowerment enables artists to reclaim their voice and take control of their artistic journey, allowing them to create meaningful and impactful art that resonates with audiences on a profound level. As they harness their inner strength and embrace their unique artistic vision, empowered artists not only elevate themselves but also encourage others to pursue their passion and unleash their own creative potential. The empowerment of artists breathes life into the art world, fostering a dynamic and inclusive environment where creativity flourishes and innovative ideas come to fruition.