For over nineteen years, the Texas Salsa Congress (TSC) has been a driving force in fostering partnerships and organizing public events throughout Houston and its neighboring communities. Passionate about cross-disciplinary engagement, the Texas Salsa Congress thrives on collaboration with diverse artistic genres, extending far beyond the local Latin dance community.  

Our partnerships span various art forms, including visual arts showcased through exhibitions and mural tours, spoken word performances, and musical showcases featuring local salsa, mariachi, and Latin bands from high schools and universities. Additionally, we collaborate with local documentarians to broaden the reach and appeal of the Texas Salsa Congress.

While we have proudly brought national and regional talent to Houston, our primary focus remains on supporting and amplifying local talent. The majority of TSC events prioritize the hiring and revenue opportunities for local bands, DJs, dancers, performers, and photographers. Through these efforts, we strive to continually nurture, grow, and showcase the rich diversity of dance, music, and artistic talent within our community.


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  • Provide free salsa classes to the community.
  • Crucial administrative support to expand our organization and enhance our capacity to deliver youth programming.
  • Spearhead creative placemaking initiatives across Houston neighborhoods.
  • Undertake ongoing efforts to archive footage and photos spanning over a decade of salsa events in Houston.
  • Plan and prepare for upcoming 20-year anniversary celebrations and programming in 2025.


Texas Salsa Congress is excited to host FREE Salsa Classes throughout 2024 at: 

• Latin Beats at the Downtown Aquarium 

• Noche Latin at Home Run Dug Out – Katy

• Karbach Brewing Co.  

• *More official TSC events will be held throughout 2024*


Check out our updated schedule: 

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Throughout our history up to 2024, the Texas Salsa Congress has been a beacon for top-tier salsa, Latin music, and dance. Drawing attendees from across Texas and the United States, the Congress consistently features performances by renowned artists. Among them are the FANIA All Stars like Joe Bataan, Adalberto Santiago, and Roberto Roena, as well as Latin music luminaries such as Tito Puente Jr., Grammy Award winner Marlow Rosado, Alfredo de la Fe, and many others.

In 2005, the TSC was founded and initiated an annual three-day dance and music festival. Over more than a decade, the TSC expanded its offerings from salsa classes to encompass community events and creative placemaking programs across Houston.

Throughout its 2006-2018 history, the TSC has demonstrated resilience, weathering recessions, floods, and even Hurricane Harvey. Despite these challenges, it remained not just a curator of events but a creator, generating revenue for other artists through its innovative programming. For 15 years, the TSC consistently booked and sold-out prestigious hotel room blocks, including those at the Westin Galleria and Post-Oak Galleria, contributing significantly to tourism revenue by attracting thousands of visitors.

In 2019, the Texas Salsa Congress became a Fiscal Sponsored Project of Fresh Arts, marking a significant milestone. This affiliation provided the TSC with the opportunity to apply for grants from the City of Houston for the first time. Fresh Arts has been instrumental in offering support through mentorship and workshops to the TSC over the years.

In 2020, the TSC celebrated its 16th Anniversary. The organization’s annual event planned for March 12- March 15, 2020, at the Westin Houston Medical Center Hotel, was canceled. The Coronavirus presented our event with an unprecedented global challenge and the organization incurred an extensive financial loss. Due to the cancellation, these expenditures, and the loss of expected revenue, resulted in the TSC experiencing a devastating financial deficit in March 2020. Like many events and organizations, we had to take a hiatus or a “dance break” due to the global pandemic and to ensure our community stayed as safe as possible. The dance break provided the space to consider the TSC’s areas of growth, virtual programming, and programming such as Mambo and Murals across the US. 

During 2021-2023, the Texas Salsa Congress embarked on a journey of revitalization, focusing on rebuilding, and reigniting our energy through creative placemaking initiatives across Houston. We expanded our scope from seasonal events to fostering collaborations with organizations and businesses throughout the city, bringing the vibrant spirit of Salsa music and dance to parks, venues, and community gatherings. In tandem with these efforts, our Founder, Ruby Rivera, extended her impact in Houston by spearheading initiatives aimed at enhancing college and career access for students passionate about the arts. These new endeavors have not only enriched the cultural landscape of our city but have also set the stage for the future endeavors of the Texas Salsa Congress.

In 2024, the TSC was honored with being the recipient of the Fresh Arts WonderBall Gala honoree. Looking ahead, through the Texas Salsa Congress, Ruby aims to expand programming to further enhance access to the arts and foster community engagement with an emphasis on creative placemaking in Houston. From continuing to curate dance festivals to launching storytelling initiatives, and educational programs for youth and ensuring that venues throughout Houston carve out space for Salsa dancing and music.