MECA Opens Its Doors For All 2023 STAR Events

The Space Taking Artist Residency (STAR) is Fresh Arts’ annual summer residency program that provides traditionally underrepresented local artists with a physical space to showcase their original projects—often including interactive public events in addition to exhibitions and other out-of-the-box experiences—for 4-6 weeks at a time.

The STAR program’s original home, Winter Street Studios, suffered devastating damages following a tragic fire-bombing that occurred on December 20, 2022. Following this misfortune, The Houston Center for Multicultural Education and Counseling through the Arts (MECA) graciously opened their doors for Fresh Arts to host all 2023 STAR events.

Celebrating over 45 years in operation, MECA is a Houston-based organization which provides fine arts education, produces arts and cultural programming, promotes academic excellence, and offers community and artist support services to the underserved and underrepresented. Most prominently, MECA brings itself to the youth of Houston where there is limited fine arts funding and scaled back programming in public schools.

As a BIPOC organization, our commitment to communities of color is evergreen. After all, these communities make up a combined 74.4% of Houston’s population. MECA is committed to advancing solutions in ways that demonstrate integrity, empathy, respect, optimism, conviction in the face of adversity, and a belief in the power of the human spirit as a “Point of Light” – a transformative power of service to cultivate positive change. 

The Winter Street Studios building is currently undergoing reconstruction and The STAR program is expected to return to its home there for Summer 2024.

This year, Fresh Arts proudly hosts a total of three month-long STAResidency projects: Summer of Salsa y Mas, Dancing Home (to) Houston, and Telephone 2.0.

Learn more about this summer’s STAResidency projects and register for their events Here.

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