Sharing knowledge and skill-building one resource at a time.

Fresh Arts is the facilitator of a unique framework that helps rising artists shine alongside their peers by breaking through common barriers that could otherwise impede the advancement of their careers. 

We are not a creative agency – we are a service organization. Our programs help advance the careers of local artists and creative entrepreneurs by complementing their artistic practices through carefully cultivated communities that facilitate shared resources, knowledge, experiences, and audiences. 

We achieve this through resource sharing, skill building initiatives and through our artist-centered communities programs.

Artist Resource Library

The ARTIST RESOURCE LIBRARY features a curated selection of artist business resources including career-focused articles, templates and tool kits, plus videos and virtual conversations 

Artist Opportunity Board

The Artist Opportunity Board features the latest local, state, and national arts opportunities, such as grants, fellowships, calls for entry, workshops, jobs, and more.

Should I or Shouldn't I?

Fresh Arts new podcast for artists aims to provide different viewpoints to different issues relevant to the contemporary creative’s career development by simply asking: “should I or shouldn’t I….?”