Ramona Residency is the first dedicated mother artist residency in Texas.

“Ramona Residency is directly inspired by my own experiences participating in both family friendly and more traditional models of artist residencies over the last decade. As an artist and single mother of two pre-teen children, I understand first had the complex challenges facing all artist mothers. I am the best version of myself when I can successfully balance motherhood and making.” – founder Sarah Sudhoff


Ramona Residency is a Houston-based residency for artist mothers. Artists who also happen to be mothers are often overlooked for artistic opportunities such as residencies, curator visits, exhibitions, and commissions. Additionally, most artist residencies don’t take into account the needs of the artist mother, such as accommodations which can suit a family, flexible timing for the residency, and a childcare stipend. 

Our mission is to create unique opportunities for artist mothers to network, expand their artistic process, and build community by providing essential support to balance motherhood with making.


Ramona Residency will offer a one month fully funded artist residency in Houston, including accommodations/studio, materials, and childcare stipends. Artists will be chosen from an open call and application process. The residency will accommodate one artist and her family at a time with the hopes of inviting two or more artists each session in the future. Artists working in any medium and at any stage of their careers will be considered.

Each one-month residency would conclude with an open studio and/or artist talk. The aim for Ramona Residency is not only to provide support for the artist mother but also to enrich the Houston community through opportunities to engage with the artist directly and the residency program. Partnerships and collaborative programming with established local arts organizations would further amplify the impact of the residency by enriching the artist’s engagement with diverse communities within Houston.

GOALS FOR 2024-2025

Apply for local and national arts grants

Create board of directors and advisory council

Foster community partners

Secure live/work space

Secure childcare/camp stipend

Secure materials stipend

Launch call for first round of residents


Childcare stipend – childcare, camp, or activities to support family members in residence. Suggested donation: $250-500 per artist

Artist Live/Work Space – Live/work space rental for one month. Suggested donation: $1,000-2,000 per artist

Materials Stipend – art supplies and materials for one resident artist. Suggested donation: $500-1,000 per artist