Navigating Philanthropic Art Auctions

This virtual workshop tailored for artists is presented by Fresh Arts in collaboration with ART IS BOND. Hosted by Janice Bond, director of ART IS BOND and alumna of the Artist INC program, this session is designed for artists keen on exploring the realm of philanthropic art auctions and donations.


Discussion Topics:

– Most Common Types of Art Auctions: Gain insights into the various formats of art auctions prevalent in the industry.

– Considerations for Participation: Explore crucial factors to contemplate when deciding to participate in art auctions.

– Frequency of Participation: Learn about the optimal frequency for artists engaging in auctions.

– Questions for Organizations: Understand the key inquiries artists should pose to organizations hosting auctions.

– Leveraging Artistic Brand: Discover how participation in art auctions can be leveraged to enhance your artistic brand and potentially boost sales.

– Artwork Presentation Practices: Uncover the best practices for presenting artwork effectively in the context of auctions.

– Tax Documentation: Navigate the complexities of tax documentation, including donation letters, from non-profit organizations hosting auctions.

– Artwork Rejection Protocols: Gain insights into what steps to take if your artwork is not accepted by the hosting organization.


Janice Bond: A trailblazing advocate for creativity and inclusivity, Janice has made an indelible mark on cultural landscapes worldwide. From her versatile roles at Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants and the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston to her leadership at Bond Creative Advisors, she champions the arts. An interdisciplinary artist, Janice’s work explores human identity, geometry, sound, and indigenous patterns. Her contributions to international art events, including the Mark Rothko Art Center and Chicago’s Year of Public Art, are noteworthy. Currently, as International Director of Civic Art and Immersive Experiences at SEISMIQUE, she pushes boundaries by blending art, technology, and emotion. Janice also directs ART IS BOND in Houston’s Montrose district, nurturing artistic communities. Beyond institutions, she leads Public Canvas, weaving art into urban landscapes to inspire and connect communities. Janice Bond’s journey exemplifies the power of creative vision and inclusivity, shaping global culture and fostering interconnectedness through art and design.


ART IS BOND. proudly stands as a premier contemporary art gallery and innovative project space nestled in the heart of Houston, Texas. With a steadfast commitment to amplifying and illuminating a diverse array of creative voices, narratives, and aesthetic expressions, our exhibitions, programming, and publications both challenge and expand the very fabric of art history and the future of art collecting.


This virtual workshop is made possible with support from the National Endowment for the Arts.

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