Mom and Pop Grocery Store: A Houston Story is a new documentary that tells the story of a tiny building that sat at 1706 Alamo in Houston’s First Ward. The story spans the early 1950s-1980s when inner-city neighborhoods began to change and once again in the 1990s when Houston’s growth as a major metropolis boomed, and how a tiny grocery store building changed the face of Houston’s theater scene.  

The documentary will include the cultural landscape of Houston’s vibrant theater/art scene with commentary from theater artists and perspectives from city and theater historians. This will be a well-documented, unprecedented Houston story of opportunity and unlimited individual achievements.

The documentary will be released digitally showcasing Houston as a cultural destination and spotlighting the individuals who continuously make our city a dynamic arts hub.

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Your support provides our documentary with the funds to:

Hire local experienced filmmakers specializing in recording, editing, music composition, and media QC protocols to finalize the documentary for digital platforms.  

Continue with historical research on Houston’s First Ward neighborhood. 

Hire an experienced local Houston college intern to establish and launch a full social media campaign to reach the broadest audience possible. 

Plan showings at local high schools and colleges (with a study guide) with theater programs to site examples of creativity celebrating the Houston arts scene with commentary from Houston theater artists.  

Learn what an individual with a vision/goal can accomplish if you believe in your art, creativity, and project. 

Who is the documentary for?

All citizens of the City of Houston and those interested in the city’s Ward history, the 1950s, the arts and live theater, theater history, design, and architecture to name a few