What We Do

The Houston Climate Justice Museum & Cultural Center is a new museum located in Houston’s East End. Our mission is to use climate change as a jumping off point for rethinking what museums do. As a bit of an art and science museum rolled into one, we focus on interdisciplinary engagement with environmental injustice and the climate crisis.

While the Museum aims to draw attention to the unequal effects of climate change, we also highlight the reshaping of local ecologies and how our cultural institutions have influenced our values and attitudes towards the environment.

Who We Serve

In addition to exhibits, the museum hosts artist talks, collaborative workshops, social hours, activist gatherings, organization meetings, and living room discussions. We focus especially on programming that emphasizes the voices and stories of frontline communities, those communities of color that disproportionately bear the brunt of environmental injustice.

Some of the organizations we work closely with:

West Street Recovery
Plant It Forward Farms
Sunrise Movement Houston
Northeast Action Collective
Houston Youth Climate Strike
Rice University


Why We Do It

Houston is rife with climate injustices, but it is also fertile ground for pioneering climate work. Our cultural infrastructure has often been steered by the industries most responsible for our warming planet, which means that it can be challenging to have meaningful conversations around climate issues in these spaces. We see our museum as an opportunity to be in coalition with organizers and advocates to translate the work being done in the activist realm into the realm of art and social memory. We hope to widen the path to sustainable life by reforming the ways in which our cultural values are upheld and shared.

What We Need

As a small, new organization, we need help to fund programming and exhibits as well as to support the artists, staff members, citizen scientists that make this work possible.

Your donation through Fresh Arts can:

-help fund an artist workshop
-help fund an exhibit
-build out further collaborations with our partner organizations
-help to develop an educational curriculum geared towards area middle and high school students around climate justice issues