DUST is a narrative film project set in the early 1990s in small town Mississippi. It combines drama, mystery and suspense while exploring the enduring impact of tragedies of the past on both the victims and perpetrators. In the end, truth, redemption and justice prevail.  

In DUST, a recent college graduate on her way to a prestigious law school program makes a stop in the small Mississippi town where her mother was born. While there, she learns the details of her grandfather’s tragic death. Determined to uncover the circumstances surrounding his death, Nia embarks on a discovery process that brings her face to face with the witnesses of her grandfather’s chilling murder and what begins as a short family visit turns into a dangerous search for the truth.   



The project’s mission is to inform and educate in a manner that accentuates commonality in the human experience. The goal is to find the thread that connects all of us in an effort to foster understanding, empathy and familiarity. Through this project we aim to diversify the Black story. As author Chimamanda Adichie states we must guard against the Danger of a Single Story. Single stories create stereotypes. There are many diverse stories about Black people and it is important to tell rich, nuanced, complex narratives that focus on a frequently mischaracterized and misunderstood people. We believe entertaining and educating through film creates a comfortable and safe environment to learn about difficult or unfamiliar topics.  

Most of the filming will take place in Houston, Texas and surrounding areas, allowing us to hire from Houston’s film workforce.  


We are professors committed to spreading knowledge. We are determined to find new and effective ways to educate and inform. We believe art has the power to bring together people from diverse backgrounds, to counter negative stereotypes and to help build the beloved community.