Dream Affect Foundation

D.R.E.A.M. Affect Foundation helps artists of color to live their dreams and be thriving artists through programs like the D.R.E.A.M art scholarship and Living the D.R.E.A.M. grant initiative. Our goal is to promote great opportunities for current and future generations of artists.

Sawyer Yards Public Sculpture Program

The Sawyer Yards Public Sculpture Program is an annually rotating showcase of ambitious outdoor sculptures by local and regional artists that provides a public art experience to all visitors and to the greater community.

Pluto Soundz

PlutoSoundz is an eclectic string ensemble made up of professional classical musicians who are pushing the boundaries of what musical genres are performed on traditional stringed instruments.

Crimson Vagabond Roadshow

The Crimson Vagabond Roadshow is a music & dance festival featuring workshops, an evening showcase, and performance opportunities for artists.

Art of Color Mural Fest

Art of Color Mural Fest is an environmentally sustainable mural festival using innovative CO2 absorbing paint. Driven by climate change, philanthropy, and inspiring community engagement with creative work by local, diverse muralists.


Tee Zee Productions is a South Asian Theater company that presents English and Urdu performances, language classes, cultural workshops, and artist training for actors in Houston. It is our mission to bring to life the untold stories of underrepresented communities residing in Houston.


Dance Afrikana’s mission is to create a world where people of the African Diaspora are empowered and connected through the African dance tradition, and where dancers have the safe space and platform to grow artistically and culturally.


TEATRX is a theatre company that advances Latinx performance arts in order to be a vital and prominent part of the artistic identity of Houston by representing and supporting the Latinx community, its artists, and its stories.


Carya String Quartet fosters community through engaging chamber music experiences. Our vision is to share our passion for and belief in the creative process as a life-enriching tool.