Ramona Residency

Ramona Residency is the first dedicated mother artist residency in Texas. Our mission is to create unique opportunities for artist mothers to network, expand their artistic practice, and build community by providing essential support to balance motherhood with making.

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Reel Quick Film Lab

Reel Quick Film Lab provides an affordable, customer-first, film-developing service to Houston photographers. Our mission is to help break barriers for the underserved, amplify social activists’ voices, and provide consistent support through our film services, creative workshops, art shows, and community socials. 

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Know Your Neuro

Know Your Neuro develops art projects, videos, songs, and theatre productions for school programs that positively influence youth to protect their neurodevelopment from high-risk behavior.

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Translucent is a newly founded theater company that is dedicated to uplifting transgender, non-binary, and queer voices, by giving queer artists a platform to share their stories and an opportunity for the community to learn and grow from our art.

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Dust Film

DUST is a narrative film project that combines drama, mystery and suspense while exploring the enduring impact of tragedies of the past on both the victims and perpetrators. The project’s mission is to inform and educate in a manner that accentuates commonality in the human experience.

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