The Call Me Mother Project (CMM) is an interactive performance installation and exhibit that combines digital storytelling, text-based art, spoken word, film, and live performance, as a platform to examine Black folks and the profound ways they and their communities navigate the journey towards motherhood. Titled after a poem crafted during the middle of her miscarriage, Deborah D.E.E.P. Mouton partners with a cohort of national artists to create a project that beckons attendees through a choose-your-own-adventure style sequence, inviting reflection, empathy, and deep-rooted connection with motherhood. 


With death rates three to four times higher than the national average, Black womxn suffer higher complications due to systematic racism and implicit biases across the healthcare field. In Harris County, TX, these staggering rates contribute to mothers and their newborn children’s deaths. These incidents, labeled “deaths of disparity” by the Health and Resource Service Administration, have been deemed completely preventable. This art raises the question, “Who is deserving of life and legacy in the eyes of our healthcare system?” By offering opportunities for audiences to interact, connect, and reflect on their own life experiences, CMM seeks to humanize their experiences and push for conversations and policy solutions for more equitable births and care in all communities. This work tells the stories of real womxn who have hoped, lost, loved, and believed in a future birthed out of the fire.


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