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Promoting Your Opportunity:

*Please note that Fresh Arts reserves the right to omit opportunities that pay artists unfairly, require high application fees, ask artists to produce work for free or “for visibility”, or otherwise appear to be a scam.

Opportunity Criteria:
  • Opportunities must be related to the arts or creative field and/or hosted by an arts organization or creative business.
  • Local (Houston area) and Regional opportunities are preferred.
  • National and international opportunities that are affordable, unique, and/or immensely beneficial to artists may also be considered.

If you would like to report a misleading or inaccurate listing, request a correction or listing update, please contact

*Please note that once the Artist Resource Newsletter has been published for the month, a listing  that is present in the newsletter CANNOT be updated afterwards. The listing may be updated in our Artist Opportunity Board. 

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