Art of Color works in tandem with local festivals to create opportunities for all artists that want to participate in public art in order to grow and experience the creative process. Our goal is to establish an event that celebrates local artists as they create their own mural utilizing CO2 absorbing paint.

The People’s CO2, founded by NASA engineer, Tanya K. Rogers, Ph.D. + co-founders Slade Ham and Rawand Rasheed, is a woman-owned organization that aims to fight climate change through the arts by using CO2 absorbing paint to inspire the minds of artists and the public. This empowers artists to take action into their own hands using carbon-capture paint. The use of donated paint captures gram for gram of CO2 over an 8 year period.


Coming June 1, 2024: New Magnolia Brewing curates a selection of crafted beer from nationally awarded breweries, local culinary concepts and artisanal vendors, visual art showcases presented by local art collectives and live music performances.


Event materials and set up (Art Materials: Brushes, canvas, tents, paint). Providing fair compensation to organizers and muralists for their work and use of CO2 absorbing paint.


Joel Jebhani Vargas

As a child of immigrants from El Salvador, I began my life in poverty as a first generation Latino. Utilizing what little my family had, we strived and survived. Within that struggle I have become a self-taught artist striving to one day create monumental powerful work that speaks to the hardships of life to inspire my people and everyone universally. My best work comes from personal growth, healing, overcoming poverty and a nurtured spirit through the paint beneath my bristles. Through all my creations I have expressed my youth and instilled the past of many Latinos like myself, personifying swans and other subjects to represent life obstacles, challenges, beauty and love. Starting my focus on charcoal, oil painting, large scale murals and now as a public art fabricator\installer with Merge Studios. Working in tandem with artists, engineers and architectural firms around the United States, I look forward to bringing my career and friendships to continue to share my peoples voice.

My process comes without hesitation, intertwining artistic abstraction, surrealism and natural geometrical phenomena hoisted by color theory. Creating a personification of subjects that elicit thought and meditation. As a child of immigrants and part of a family that has survived through many trials. I see artwork as an expression of hardships bringing a new horizon to that young child now as an artist. Since becoming an artist for Meow Wolf and Merge Studios, I have developed a unique approach to creativity, defined by a sensitivity to the transcendent and an open, inclusive vision of our society. I am very passionate about honoring communities while being inclusive of all their difficult stories and recovering their voices for freedom and human dignity. Often I am engaging the community as part of the creative process through dialog, interviews, and stories. Taking a multidisciplinary approach by using diverse materials and styles allowing me to create site-specific public art in conjunction with working with experts from various fields in design and fabrication. The body of work I have been involved in is monumental public art from all over the country.


Hannah Bull Nectar

Hannah Bull is a Houston artist, muralist, and educator whose work explores the tension between the primal and sophisticated side of our being, our human relationship with nature and the individualized relationship with oneself. Bull is a mixed media artist, involving both 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional products. Using two signature marking styles–the floral drip and the glitch–Hannah Bull’s techniques serve as visual language to further express her ideas. The ‘floral drip’ technique speaks to collective consciousness, ‘rewilding,’ and nature’s fleeting beauty. Separately, ‘glitch’ technique illuminates the differences and congruences we share with one another, and the inherent disconnect that pairs with our sameness in an effort to influence peace and harmony. For Hannah Bull, the ego hides in the shadow of the visible spectrum that we each radiate from. Her works stand as a tool for self-expression: the artist explores her fragility, mental health, and discomforts, while engaging self care, complexities, and gratitude. Bull’s work aims to be a gentle reminder that without abundant love and gratitude for the self, there is much pain. She considers her work to be a love letter to the universe.