Jatziri Barron


Jatziri Barron is a 25-year-old Mexican artist living and working in Houston since 2013, dedicated full-time to her art. Jatziri expresses the world around her through both figurative and abstract art since she believes constant exploration feeds her process of creation, the most important aspect of her art is carrying messages and awakening feelings of positiveness, interconnection, and representing individuals at their highest selves. Her art studio is located at Silver Street Studios in Houston Downtown

Lindsay Burck


Lindsay Burck is a highly colorful painter and visual artist living in Houston, Texas. Though Burck did not grow up creating artwork, a bicycle accident that landed her in the hospital allowed for a serious wake-up call—which guided her in the direction of sharing a new depth and incandescence of life. Currently, Burck is committed to growing a practice of helping others to overcome anything that is in the way of their soul’s desire for mental and emotional peace. She shares messages of creativity with people who are ready to grow in joyfulness, peace and fulfillment in the heart.

LeAndre Douglas


Le’Andre Douglas is a nationally accomplished dancer, choreographer and teacher with over a decade of professional dance experience. Le’Andre has performed, choreographed, opened, and been apart for the creative process of Grammy nominated artists Tamar Davis, Pitbull, Omorion, B.o.B, rock legend Pat Benatar, The BareNaked Ladies ; hip hop legends Lil’ Wayne, LL Cool J, Kid’n Play, Big Daddy Kane, The Sugar Hill Gang and many more.

In his hometown of Houston Texas Le’Andre is an artist in residence for Zocalo, and awarded several grants both national and local for his artistic works. He has directed and choreographed a movie currently streaming on amazon prime and Tobe Nwigwe “From the Swat” concert. He is also pleased to have been resident choreographer for Bace Productions Motown Revue at The Miller Outdoor Theater, Radio One’s Boomsquad, and several festivals like the annual Day for Night Festival.

Le’Andre has also entertained at countless corporate events for companies including BMW, Shell oil and gas, McDonalds and Budlight. Le’Andre’s mission is to preserve and innovate Black culture within the body through dance education classes, performances, and social events. He believes that he can help fill the gap where there is lack of access to education about the cultural lineage and African origins of Black cultural dances, while also teaching the necessary performance skills for dancer development.

Diana Sofia Estrada


Diana-Sofia Estrada is a Guatemalan American artist/educator born and raised in Houston, Texas. She received her BFA in Painting/Drawing and BA in Psychology from the University of North Texas, and her MFA in Art from the California Institute of the Arts. Estrada’s work questions ideas of tourism, trauma, and voyeurism in public spaces and interactions through drawings, installations, performance, and video. Estrada has exhibited her work internationally and nationally including Diaspora Vibe Gallery (Miami), Alice Yard Space (Trinidad), Box 13 (Houston, Texas), at Artlab at the Smithsonian Hirschhorn Museum in Washington D.C., FairPlay at FairMarket (Miami, Florida), Print as Protest at Los Angeles Valley College, North Hollywood, California, and recently at Sam Francis Gallery in Santa Monica, CA for After the Smoke has Cleared, curated by Vincent Ramos. She is a member of the Los Angeles-based artist collective, The Association of Hysteric Curators.

Betsy Evans


Betsy Evans is a ceramic artist who lives in Houston, TX. Harnessing her whimsical nature, Betsy takes the serious subject of her ongoing health issues and translates them into fun and approachable sculptures. She uses symbols, metaphors and colours to express her journey.

E.L. Frederick-Leota


E.L. Frederick-Leota (she/her), better known as Freddie, is a visual artist, nutritionist, and health educator. Freddie is an Army Veteran with a BA in Anthropology and an MS in Human Nutrition. She is clinically trained as an International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). Freddie has continued to develop her skills and passion for visual arts as a printmaker and illustrator while completing formal education in the health and nutrition sciences. As a queer, mixed-race Black woman born and raised in Biloxi, MS, Freddie is deeply passionate about incorporating southern foodways, culturally relevant health education, food justice, and science communication in her work.

Florence Garvey


Florence Garvey is a visually impaired Afro-Caribbean theater artist and performing arts educator based in Houston, Texas. With an artistic career that has taken her from Houston to New York, Los Angeles and back, Florence’s work centers on the healing power of the arts in Diasporic communities.

A Magna Cum Laude graduate from Prairie View A & M University with a BA in Drama, Garvey has devoted her energy to the cultivation of performing arts education opportunities for underserved communities of color.

As a theater worker in Houston, Florence has worked with the Alley Theatre, Main Street Theater, The Ensemble Theatre, and Stages Theatre. In 2012, she was awarded the Best Actress Award by the Houston Press. However, it is her experience as an educator within Fort Bend ISD, Houston ISD, and in her tenure as The Ensemble Theatre’s Touring & Education Coordinator, is where she honed the vision of creating artistic containers for young performing artist of color; In order to activate healing artistic and cultural exchange.

Even in spite of coaching several youth teams to championship titles, Florence witnessed the lack of access to proper arts education. In July of 2020, Florence experienced a neurological optic nerve inflammation–which resulted in partial yet permanent vision loss. This experience further emboldened her to pursue the development of high caliber fine arts training that is accessible for all; regardless of financial, social or economic status.

Ian Gerson


Working at the intersections of sculpture, installation, and community engagement, my practice investigates climate injustices, trans consciousness, and personal and collective healing. My work asks how a trans experience, embodying adaptability and resilience, can be looked to as a model for surviving precarity. I am drawn to urban waterways and coastlines as in-between spaces where the impacts of climate crises are forced into high visibility. Navigating shores cruising for materials, I meditate on the history, future, and present-day social and environmental conditions of the liminal outskirts. I use discards and detritus to center the refused, the invisible, and the marginal. In my current body of work, I am weaving flimsy tapestries with ropes culled from Galveston Bay and the Houston Ship Channel, dried plants, mylar emergency blankets, and personal clothing scraps. These pieces utilize text, intentionally challenging and refusing easy legibility, depending on the vantage point, viewer, and context, as a metaphor for a trans experience. By weaving and stitching seemingly disparate materials to form new connections, I seek new ways of relating to place, community, and self. My ideal space to share work is within public spaces and storefronts to reach expanded audiences and those who may unexpectedly stumble upon it.

Laura Hurter


I’m Laura, The Crimson Vagabond, Extra Extraordinaire! As a Belly Dancer I specialize in performing alongside live music. As an emcee I transform showcases, faires & festivals. As an instructor I help others others master in the ART of being EXTRA.

And as an event producer I am excited to be celebrating the 10th anniversary celebration of The Crimson Vagabond Roadshow!!!

TCVR Saturday September 10, 2022 at TBH Center in Houston, TX:: Live Music, Specialty Dance, Film Festival, Workshops & More

Krystle Holnes


Raised at the edge of the dense rainforest in Panama City, Panama, Krystle Holnes is a visual artist that processes her experiences and explores human questions through her art. Growing up in an Afro-Caribbean household, proved to be both challenging and a nurturing place for a ‘third culture kid’ to learn various cultures, all forms of art (visual, dance and musical), and other colorful experiences.

Krystle Holnes’ work serves as social commentary on the treatment of Black Diasporic people through dance as subject. Inspired by the heartbeat of the Black diasporic dancer, powerful still choreography narrates stories with each artwork. Her use of line and expressive colors evoke deep emotions of love, frustration, happiness, and desires for equity. While looking at the artwork the viewer feels the grace, struggle, and calmness of the dancer’s soul. Some of her work was on display at Mid Main lofts gallery, Pancakes and Booze, and Insomnia gallery in Houston, Texas. Her artistry as well as her efforts in Arts Education and advocacy has been recognized by the Houston Independent School District board of trustees. She also has a sketchbook on file at the Brooklyn Sketchbook Library in New York and was one of a selected few to be a part of Artists Inc Houston Fellowship 2022.

Jenn Howe


At my heart, I am a creative, and a visual artist focusing on colorful abstracts and landscapes. My work is deeply influenced by my love of the water and the coast. You will see blues and greens dominate my color palette as I capture that elusive quality that water has to both energize and calm the soul. My work is often described as happy which I attribute to the meditative process that painting allows me; that joy is reflected in my work.

Taylor Jackson


I want to explore all my feelings through art; things that pop up in my dreams, whimsical thoughts. I want to stop being so impersonal and stiff in personal life and art. I want to convey FREEDOM. Freedom, strength, and badassery. I want to represent myself and other different identities specifically queer, disabled, trans, and Black. To romanticize life and bring light to the struggles of mental illness. For people who love fan art and personal stories that revolve around fantasy and adventure, my purpose is to tell stories through animation, illustration, and design in order to foster a sense of escapism and mystery.

Lindsey Johnson


Lindsey Johnson was born in Lafayette, Louisiana. Her background as a geologist and earth scientist influences her metalsmithing and art jewelry. She has exhibited her work at a number of artisan shows locally and regionally around Houston, Texas, where she lives and works. You can see more of Lindsey’s work on her website.

Joanne Kendall


I enjoy the challenge of creating balance and motion with a wide variety of objects. Many of my mobiles are made using repurposed materials and found objects; things not typically used to make art. Using techniques and tools collected over a lifetime of creative experience, I create pieces that inspire smiles.

Kendrick Lattimore


Kendrick Lattimore was born in Brenham, Texas. During his adolescent years he helped organize more than 2 fundraising musicals,4 stage plays and also produced 3 successful conferences before the age of 17. He received his BFA from Sam Houston State University in 2014, the same year he produced his first stand alone stage play. After graduating from Sam Houston State University he moved to Houston, Texas where his professional career began. As an Actor he has had the pleasure of working with such theaters as the Houston Grand Opera, The Ensemble Theater, Main Street Theater as well as others around the city. As a director his work has been seen on the Hobby Stage and The Ensemble Theater. He began creating experimental television shows in 2017 in which his first show was entitled the ArtHopera City of Houston. In 2018 he took a leap of faith and moved to New York City and his production career began to flourish. While in New York he had the pleasure of working with a Marketing Firm AKA as a brand ambassador, New York Cornerstone program where he was the lead counselor and also a production firm by the name of TODO PRODUCTIONS on events such as Live Streamed Yahoo Finance Marketing Event, Victoria Secret Fashion Show. He moved back to Houston after 6 months of working in the big apple and began his entrepreneurial phase of his career. He is currently working on a festival that has a total of 7 ten minute shorts that will be paired with open panel discussions spear headed by professionals. He is also in pre-production for his first feature length film as well as his first graphic novel.

Nicole Peralta


I am a yoga teacher and an artist who has uniquely combined the elements of mindfulness, yoga, and creativity in over 35 workshops, classes and retreats over the last three years. I believe that art and yoga can be accessible to anyone with the right guidance. And, each of my classes explore how we can slow down, shift our perspective and incorporate more creativity in our lives.

Ruby Fear


There is a deep inner need to create, to bring into existence that which is yet to be discovered. Art is, and always has been, my way to communicate and express what language cannot; it is my way of sharing, connecting, healing, and building relationships beyond the paint brush.

When I paint, it transforms my inner self and invites the observers to participate in this journey with me. There is a fierce passion, deep inside my soul, that drives me to engage with oil, acrylics, and mixed media. Every movement, texture, interaction between light and dark, color and shape, form and line, is an exhilarating experience. At times painful, but every time extraordinary.

Tasnuva Rahman is an International Artist and believes that inner feeling about art is explored in the heart. She was born and raised in Bangladesh where she completed her BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts in Oriental Art) from University of Dhaka in 2006. She got married and moved to USA in 2006.

In her South Asian technique, she uses watercolor with unique Indian style blended with the tradition that originated from Bengal School, India. Her artworks “Green Money Plant,” “Pink-violet Money Plant,” ‘Bengal woman’ series, and the ‘Desire’ series are heavily influenced by Bengal literature, history, and nature.

Tasnuva has exhibited her works in the USA, India, and Bangladesh. Moreover, she illustrated a nonfiction book titled ‘Beautiful Bangladesh in Brief’ published in the USA in 2018. She had been involved with Lone Star College Tomball community library watercolor Program from 2012 to 2015 and did an artist workshop at the Lonestar College Tomball community Library in 2014. She has a great passion to help the community and started voluntary work as an art educator at a Senior Living in Houston in 2017.

Although she is known as a water colorist, in 2019 She started experiment with her own innovative techniques in mixed media with a variety of mediums including watercolor, ink, pastel, printmaking and acrylic. Her notable artworks are ‘The unnamed feeling’ series (2019-2022), ‘In the veil’ series (2020), “Dark Nature” series. These are influenced by migrations, pandemic of instability and stability of life.

Tasnuva Rahman


Mason Rankin


Mason Rankin is a visual artist and Adjunct Lecturer in the Fine Art department at UHD. He received his MFA in Studio Art from Florida State University after earning his BFA in Photography from Sam Houston State University. He has been exhibiting locally and regionally since 2001 and teaching photography along with studio art foundations and art lecture courses since 2008. His studio practice consists of photographic approaches that challenge the expected presentation and interpretation of photography through use of three-dimensional techniques (stereo photography, installations) and other mixed media. In addition to his visual art, he has been a volunteer with the American Red Cross. Taking on various roles including Public Affairs for which he has twice received the Communications Volunteer of the Year award.

Elizabeth Umanzor


Elizabeth Umanzor is a Latina artist based in Houston, Texas. She primarily works in painting murals, her style can best be described as vibrant realism. Painting realistic portraiture and nature serves as a mode of communicating her perspectives of the world. She not only works in paints, but also creates chalk art. She creates art that is public facing, site specific, and relevant to the communities where the work resides.

Andrea Venson


Andrea is a multi-faceted artist that paints, makes music, and guides meditative experiences in nature. She focuses on what it means to be a light in this world and how to maintain balance between body, mind, and spirit. As a former educator, Andrea continues to use art as a way to unlock the creative power in others. Her goal in life is to inspire people to know, love, and be themselves.

Julie Wright


Julie Wright is an award-winning designer, artist, and visual storyteller who uses her art to tell stories intended to help wildlife and build community awareness. A hallmark of her paintings is the use of vibrant colors and expressive brushstrokes to celebrate the beauty and biodiversity of the North American wilderness while clear messaging and contemporary design themes are signatures of her graphic design work.

Julie has shown her fine art works at the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens, Doss Cultural & Heritage Museum, Dallas Metro Arts Contemporary, and the University of St. Thomas. As a designer, she has had the honor of working with amazing organizations such as the Saint Francis Wolf Sanctuary, Habitat for Humanity, the American Heart Association, and the San Antonio Zoo. But she is most proud of her work when it makes a tangible impact, such as supporting exotic animal rescues and raising community awareness for wildlife conservation initiatives.