Monica Melgar


I consider myself mainly an abstract artist who also occasionally creates art with more recognizable forms and shapes. I am currently infatuated with all variations of line art. My current style is a progression from my early pointillism technique first developed in high school. A majority of my designs and compositions are created organically without much of a defined intent or goal; I purposely disconnect any conscious thought process so that the design and aesthetic come together as I add lines, color, more lines, more color, and so on.

I create abstract backgrounds with layers of line work as the main subject matter. I first start with a background of blended color combinations, which tend to start with either various bright pinks, purples and oranges or a grayscale color palette. Then I add fine linework to create some type of form or pattern, using acrylic gouache for the linework to water it down without losing any opaqueness. The main goal in creating these kinds of forms and patterns is to engage with the viewer’s subconscious–unless the piece is an intentional design (like a butterfly or skull or something of that nature), I deliberately avoid forming a recognizable object or physical concept.