2018 Artist INC Application Selection Panel:

Christine West (Houston First),  GONZO247 (Aerosal Warfare Gallery), Matt Detrick (Apollo Chamber Players), and Roberta Paixao Cortes (Group Acorde dance group).

Chris Alexander


As an artist, I am just beginning to emerge from what I thought I was. And in a way glass is as well. It is a medium that is underrepresented in the world of fine art. It holds a space on the creative spectrum that is not easily specified. I find it to be the perfect medium in which to explore, understand, debunk and/or refine the tensions in our societal definitions of “Art” and “Craft” and “Architecture”, all of which have bemused me my entire life.

Lindsay Gary has an MFA in Dance, and is the Founder and Artistic and Executive Director of Dance Afrikana LLC, a professional dance company whose mission is to create a world where people of the African Diaspora are empowered and connected through the African dance tradition. Dance Afrikana is the recipient of numerous awards from the Houston Arts Alliance and Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs including the City’s Initiative Grant (2019), two Cares Act Grants (2020), and the Support for Organizations Grant (2021).


Inspired by Katherine Dunham’s theory of memory of difference, Gary uses dance performance, dance-making, and dance education to educate, connect, and empower the African Diaspora. The creation of her work is guided by African culture, and the centrality of dance to it. She utilizes an Afrocentric approach to dance which is centered on polyrhythmic and polycentric movement, the connection to spirituality and nature, Diasporic narratives, and ultimately the African human being.

Lindsay Gary


Tamer Ghoneim


I am a professional calligraphy artist and instructor, specializing in blackletter and gothic calligraphy styles, including modern interpretations and abstracts designs. I am based in Houston, Texas, and my goal is to encourage people of all ages and skill levels to learn the rewarding art of blackletter calligraphy.

I have been featured on television, by online calligraphy and design organizations, and my work has been internationally published and shown at art exhibitions.

My goal is to encourage people of all ages and skill levels to learn the rewarding art of blackletter calligraphy. He believes in using a positive, fun, and supportive teaching style that encourages and motivates students while learning, and inspires them to find joy and pride in their creative abilities.